Berlin-based tickerTXT has started in early 2008 as a spin-off of the groupDNA project. groupDNA focus has been to develop techniques, web and mobile technologies and services for informal, unstructured groups. groupDNA is using principles of positive group dynamics, self-organisation, self-regulation, "smart mobs" as foundation for group applications.

The tickerTXT concept initially simply was a "what if" scenario after first presenting various business cases of groupDNA. It was only shortly before we submitted our application to Seedcamp Berlin in 2008, that we decided to skip groupDNA as principal startup proposal. The potential of mobile marketplaces operated by cooperatives is too powerful to be just an application.

Both concept and technology of groupDNA / tickerTXT trace back to 2006, going "public" in the summer of 2008 and winning recognition with two awards: Seedcamp Berlin and Hasso-Plattner-Ventures award for most promising Social-Entrepreneurial Project.

In 2009 we joined forces with cidentigo. We intend to create a technology company which in some ways will resemble what groupDNA was initially meant to become. The technologies of tickerTXT will be open source. The principles supporting groupDNA and tickerTXT will be released under creative commons licenses and group organisation based on principles of cooperatives. The tickerTXT network of marketplace / trade exchange cooperatives will be embedded in a federation framework.

Prospering markets are about trust and transparency, therefore the value and service of tickerTXT is to create and franchise the brand. The tickerTXT label stands for foundations and practices of trade, principles and rules for the organisation of those exchanges as well as services and products which support the growth and prosperity of the markets and their members.

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