Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behind the scenes

We promise to improve our communication frequency :-) Some project news:
Our Brazilian project is developing nicely and steadily, the TGHF support project is continuing as well :-) News of other project developments will be posted as soon as we can. Here is a hint.

We are pretty busy developing and improving the backend of TickerTXT. Here are some examples underlying technologies and services:
  • HubDB (working title) is a very clever, yet simple connector database using Google App Engine. 
  • LoungeDB uses hubDB and is emulating a lot of CouchDB functionality again based on Google App Engine. Other than being a TickerTXT core technology, LoungeDB has a potential to be used as backup tool for Lotus Notes and CouchDB...
  • TrackerTXT will be part of a series of TickerTXT apps mixing text communication, a ticker stream including geo referencing.
  • Tools for project management which include a ticker-based traffic light which is really fun to use...
  • FairGAIM which allows to easily share "local" SMS dial-in numbers globally among all projects who have or need a SMS dial-in numbers for their applications and services.
If you would like to join our TickerTXT circle of friends on Google Plus, send us your Google ID to to request an invite - please indicate the request in the subject line. We won't use your email for anything else than those invites...