Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"the glass half full" is powered by TrackerTXT

Based on our ticker, Herwart and Ralph have developed an iPhone app to track the journey of Wiebke and Kalyan on their "the glass half full | because it matters what we measure" venture around India - also abbreviated TGHF among the supporters. We have called it TrackerTXT for now :-)

Tracking the Geo Location - Wiebke and Kalyan can automatically send a regular location ping or manually send the geo references. In areas with no mobile data services (or when roaming) they can ping their location or track via SMS. Or write an email and send it whenever they have an Internet connection.

Aggregated Publishing - in order to ease the journaling of TGHF trip, TrackerTXT allows to send messages to a ticker, therefore using TrackerTXT as a publishing aggregator for Facebook, blogs and twitter.

Group Communication - for Wiebke and Kalyan to stay in touch with their numerous followers and partners, TrackerTXT helps them to communicate with friends and supporter groups and to fine-tune the communication channels, like SMS, Email, Facebook and Instant Messaging...

TrackerTXT will soon available on iTunes. An Android version is next on our agenda.


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