Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behind the scenes

We promise to improve our communication frequency :-) Some project news:
Our Brazilian project is developing nicely and steadily, the TGHF support project is continuing as well :-) News of other project developments will be posted as soon as we can. Here is a hint.

We are pretty busy developing and improving the backend of TickerTXT. Here are some examples underlying technologies and services:
  • HubDB (working title) is a very clever, yet simple connector database using Google App Engine. 
  • LoungeDB uses hubDB and is emulating a lot of CouchDB functionality again based on Google App Engine. Other than being a TickerTXT core technology, LoungeDB has a potential to be used as backup tool for Lotus Notes and CouchDB...
  • TrackerTXT will be part of a series of TickerTXT apps mixing text communication, a ticker stream including geo referencing.
  • Tools for project management which include a ticker-based traffic light which is really fun to use...
  • FairGAIM which allows to easily share "local" SMS dial-in numbers globally among all projects who have or need a SMS dial-in numbers for their applications and services.
If you would like to join our TickerTXT circle of friends on Google Plus, send us your Google ID to to request an invite - please indicate the request in the subject line. We won't use your email for anything else than those invites...

Friday, March 18, 2011

TickerTXT - mercados comunitários para todos, em qualquer lugar e momento

O que é o TickerTXT?
TickerTXT é um ´startup project` e aplicável de forma flexível. Consiste em um conceito que ganhou prêmios de porte (´Hasso-Plattner-Ventures-Award` e ´Seedcamp` - Berlin, London 2008) por ser eleito o projeto de empreendimentos sociais mais promissor, com uma tecnologia que é operada por grupos organizados a nível local e regional, gerando e aplicando instrumentos e ferramentas para melhorar a comunicação e coordenação.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"the glass half full" is powered by TrackerTXT

Based on our ticker, Herwart and Ralph have developed an iPhone app to track the journey of Wiebke and Kalyan on their "the glass half full | because it matters what we measure" venture around India - also abbreviated TGHF among the supporters. We have called it TrackerTXT for now :-)