Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SMS Feedback Project with betterplace lab

In July we started a partnership with the think & do tank betterplace-lab.org of the social project fundraising site betterplace.org. Betterplace.org allows you to raise money under their umbrella, transparently and tax deductable. Whereas Kiva.org's focus is on micro-investment, betterplace.org offers micro fundraising for projects. Our pilot project with the betterplace lab will support three betterplace projects by improving their communication, especially allowing all stakeholders to provide timely and relevant feedback.

Our first SMS betterplace project supports homebase, a "site-specific art project devoted to the exploration of Home" which took place from Sep 21 to Oct 12 2010 takes place in Berlin, Pankow. Betterplace.org asks people, whether, Pankow, one of Berlin's districts, is a nice place to live in? What is their understanding of home (Heimat)? And what is their opinion of the homebase project? If you feel like participating, here are the questions, the SMS number and the keywords. The aim is to involve the indirect beneficiaries, in this case those people living or working in Pankow. The two other projects focus more on group communication between project participants. The project sites are possibly "Glass Half Full - it matters what we measure" (website) in India as well as a project in Africa. We will confirm these projects soon and provide further details.


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"We will confirm these projects soon and provide further details."

Any news about it?

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