Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SMS Feedback Project with betterplace lab

In July we started a partnership with the think & do tank betterplace-lab.org of the social project fundraising site betterplace.org. Betterplace.org allows you to raise money under their umbrella, transparently and tax deductable. Whereas Kiva.org's focus is on micro-investment, betterplace.org offers micro fundraising for projects. Our pilot project with the betterplace lab will support three betterplace projects by improving their communication, especially allowing all stakeholders to provide timely and relevant feedback.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Website upgrade for more TickerTXT updates

There are so many news, that it is time to change our site back to a more blog-like layout. Furthermore, Blogger.com has introduced the great template designer making it far easier to manage and change the websites design as well as adding new features when needed. So good-bye "free-bee-blogger template" and hello to our mods based on Googles' Tina Chen Awesome Inc. template. Check the post on qompute.net and bloggerCMS.com for more details on the upgrades and changes of the look and layout of this site.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TickerTXT - marketplace communities for anybody, anywhere and anytime

Rural commodity exchanges via SMS

TickerTXT offers micro-trade exchanges and logistic solutions. Because of the easy deployment and very low access barriers, these exchanges offer revenue opportunities for very poor, initially rural agro-economies around the world. Such group application for market participants can be adapted to each country or region based on the regional habits and customs, their trade language and implicit market rules.

Micro-trading futures

TickerTXT allows to announce actions, or in trade terms, allows to sell your produce as futures. Therefore where action used to be opportunistic and improvised, selling a few days ahead permits to trade transport pickup deals - people suddenly can plan and coordinate. This work delegation using economy of scales formerly was only accessible to capital rich market players. TickerTXT now facilitates future trading among local market participants like small farmers, traders, transporteurs and SME’s.

Solution for inefficient markets

Initially we will concentrate on dysfunctional rural markets. In economies which are heavily dependent on agriculture, there are about 110,000 small farms per one million people. Small farms have an estimated turnover of 250$ per month each which equals 27,500,000$ per month per million population. UN and Worldbank estimate that 50% of the agro-produce in poor regions is not traded, 30% of the total is wasted. This estimate is conservative especially for poor, but potentially fertile regions, where farmers reported up to 60% waste.

TickerTXT aims to increase the production to market ratio significantly thereby allowing substantial economic gains for market participants. Productivity and revenue gains will further boost production and trade and consequently the income of the TickerTXT exchange members.

Wherever costs occur because of lack of transparency and coordination for larger scale "groups" of people, TickerTXT can be easily deployed to provide productivity improvements on an unprecedented scale.